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Volunteer with us: The Free Music in the Park Cafe


Volunteering in the cafe is the perfect way to get out and about and get to know others in your local area. Meet other volunteers and make friends, become part of the community and feel good helping out. All while listening to some great bands play! Our volunteers are essential  and we couldn't do what we do without them. Thank you volunteers!


Sophie's Story

"I love volunteering in the cafe. I have mental health issues and am off work, so it's great to go and do something that feels useful and gives me some routine. It's fun running the cafe and having the live music playing at the same time, which is part of what I enjoy so much about it. The atmosphere is great! There's a different band each week and each one has it's own distinct style. Sometimes we have a bit of a boogie - when there aren't any customers to serve!  It feels good to help my local park and be part of a team where nothing is expected of you and you help as much as you want- there's no pressure to do more than suits you. It's very chill in that way.

If you're apprehensive about getting involved and would like to speak to me or someone else about it, please get in touch and ask to talk to Sophie. I really recommend it! It's helped my confidence and whenever I go for walks in the park now I feel good knowing I'm part of something."

Jennifer on the till!

If the Roxy cafe isn't your thing, what about a bit of outdoor work occasionally? We have light gardening events twice a month, looking after the Roxbourne Rough and the Community Orchard, or how about litter picking as you walk around - we can supply the bags and litter picks. chat to a committee member by email here.

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