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Our Actions

From the questionnaire form we sent out, we were really pleased to gather so much interest and many of you made comments and suggestions and indicated some things you were not entirely happy with.  We have tried to gather everything in one document and this will be reviewed by the committee every time we meet to try to address some of the issues or implement some of the suggestions you have taken the time to make.  The actions document will be updated after every meeting, so please visit it as often as you like to see what we are doing on your behalf.  Some things may not be possible and some things may be accomplished very easily, so please be patient with us.

However, as this is a "living" document, we are not restricted to just what you see today.  If you have any further comments or see something you think we should know about please complete the contact form on this web site and let us know.

Click on the above icon to see the document dated November 30th 2015

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